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Reebonz City Girl Review: RF Treatment For Eyes & Vitamin C Facial

Reebonz City Girl Review: RF Treatment For Eyes & Vitamin C Facial at Desire Aesthetics @ Central

posted on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 10:22AM by Reebonz

When the Reebonz City team contacted me about the Reebonz City Girl Project, I was so happy! I didn’t expect myself to be chosen since my job always requires me to be out of town, and I guess it would be so troublesome to arrange appointments to suit my schedule.

I was invited to experience what Desire Aesthetics @ Central has to offer. After a quick research on Google, I got to know that Desire Aesthetics @ Central is an aesthetic boutique specializing in cosmetic treatments. Now we’ve all heard about other beauty salons that offer facials where they cleanse your face, extract the clogged pores, and then finish off with a massage and a mask. You visit them again and again, yet you don’t see any significant difference to your skin.

Desire Aesthetics @ Central’ services and treatments ranges from IPL to Botox injections. Every product and equipment that the boutique uses are HSA (Health Sciences Authority) approved, and they even have partnership with doctors. That definitely gives us a peace of mind! Imagine not knowing what other salons apply on your faces!
And to make things even better………………….

Desire Aesthetics @ Central has been voted by the Tatler’s Best of Singapore for not one or two but four consecutive years. How can I not feel excited!

Now that you know the background of this awesome place, let’s quickly get down to business.
I was invited to experiment the RF (Radio Frequency) treatment for dark circles and the Vitamin C facial. Rose was my therapist and showed me around the boutique.

The rooms were dark and tastefully decorated with paintings, some flowers here and there and resonated a very warm ambience. That really enabled me to fully relax while receiving the treatment.

Another plus point of this boutique is that the rooms are unlike the usual salons, where they try to squeeze in as many rooms as possible, making each room almost claustrophobic. Here in Desire Aesthetics, the rooms are comfortably spacious.

This is the picture of the adjacent rooms. In fact, there are 3 rooms in total. Two for facial treatments, and another one for waxing services. A divider is in the center so that couples or friends are still able to talk to each other while having the privacy of being in an enclosed room at the same time.

This is the waxing room, absolutely clean and simple.
And here is the star for the treatment that I received today. The RF machine. If you see can, the right most wand on the left is used for the RF on my eye.

I’ll be posting photos of myself really soon so please don’t freak out.
This is a photo of me before the treatment.

I have very very serious dark circles, freckles and I had just touch down from flight before I rushed to the salon. My skin was dehydrated and the dark patches were pimple scars.
After double cleansing my face, she first applied the RF eye treatment on me with the tri polar equipment. Cooling gel was first applied to my eye area, very much like those gel they used for IPL. Then, using the equipment, she rolled the wand in gentle circular motions. It was a warm sensation, but there was a little prickly feeling when some of the tiny bubbles from the gel burst. After the treatment for one eye was completed, Rose got me to do a comparison.

My right eye is slightly darker than the left to begin with, but you could clearly see that my left eye was a lot less puffy than the right and it had more lift than the other. Rose told me that this treatment not only lightens dark circles, it also eventually lifts the eyes.

After the RF eye treatment, Rose did a gentle lymphatic drainage massage on me. Rose explained to me that because my skin was dehydrated, thus a regular massage would cause my skin to break out.
I was totally relaxed at this point of time. Rose then did the Vitamin C facial.

The Vitamin C was first applied onto my face. It felt cooling and soothing. Rose took out another equipment at this point of time. It had a vibrating function and it worked by penetrating the Vitamin C into the face. She gave me two options, because she had observed that not everyone like the vibrating machine. But I was okay with it so she proceeded with the treatment. It felt like a metal plate on my face, with a tingling vibrating feeling. It was totally painless!

Finally, Rose came in with the mask. She told me it was meant to lighten my pigmentation problem. I’ve always loved applying cold masks, and this one was heavenly. I was already deep in sleep with the soothing background music after this ugly shot.

I was really excited to see what the treatment had done to my skin when Rose came in to remove the mask.

My skin was a lot more radiant than when I first stepped into the boutique. Pigmentation lessened and my absolutely hideous dark eye circles became so much lighter!

Knowing how bad my skin condition is, Rose gave me a sample to bring home to try. Totally convinced by what this boutique has done for me, I bought a moisturizing balm back with me. Do not be worried about hard selling and desperate therapists who corners you in a tiny consultation room and tries means and ways to make you sign a package with them. In Desire Aesthetics @ Central, there is no hard selling and Rose only advised me to buy and do what is best for me, step by step. That is definitely what I’m looking for in a beauty salon. And to add on to it, the prices are very affordable. Given the machines and equipment they use, it would have surely cost a few hundred dollars per treatment in other salon. I am very tempted to get the packages and I do see myself going back to them to help me with my dark circles.

Desire Aesthetics @ Central is a beauty boutique that emphasizes on exclusivity and privacy, so please remember to make an appointment before heading down.

Thanks so much Reebonz for recommending me Desire Aesthetics @ Central! I have found my savior. =)

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're glad you enjoyed yourself! Everyone else - Be privy to this exclusive experience with today's Reebonz City feature!

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