Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot Hot Crazy Summer Promotion is back again.

Thank you for all the customers who have faithfully supported us.  We would like to thank you with our Crazy Summer Promotion -  Vitamin C Supreme Facial @ $388 for 5 sessions.

Yes, thank you.   We are well known for not being pushy and it is not our style.  We welcome all enquiries - 6225-8180.
This is our one of our Signature Facial Theraphy that Desire @ Central is proud to gossip about. It helps to fight harmful radicals, improves the skin radiance and overall flow.

This treatment starts with cleansing of the face and follow by microdermabrasion. It helps to remove black & white heads and outer layer of the skin. It helps to stimulate new skin growth and improve blood circulations.

This treatment force feeds the skin with pure Vitamin C. 100% pure Vitamin C crystals are dissolved and fed into the skin via Iontopherosis (gentle vibration movement). The benefits of Vitamin C treatments on the face includes:

* Diminishing the Effects of Photo Aging.
* Radiant and Smoother skin.
* Lightens Pigmentation, Acne Scars and Discolorations.
* Deeply repairs damage from Ultra Violet rays.

Too good to stop is follow by a face massge that let you relax with our soothing music playing in the background. We put on whitening cold mask to rehydrate and whiten your skin further.

Call 6225-8180 for an appointment