Monday, February 28, 2011

Acne Treatment Facial @98 - For a Limited Period only

It is rather common that not only teenagers suffer from acne problem, many adults do. Many adults are caught by surprise.."Hey what is wrong with me? I never have pimples or acne when young". Work stress, changing environment, hormones, not enough sleep, smoking are some of the conditions that can lead to acne development.

Desire @ Central is now offering Acne Treatment Facial our formulated acne solution.

Firstly, we cleanse the skin toughly and understand your skin type and problem area. The next procedure is the microdermabrasion. Micodermabrasion is like a magic wand which help to remove black and white heads and top layer of the outer you a instant clear and smooth, even tone, fairness result. See it to believe it.

The next step is to apply our formulated Acne Solution and using machine that stimulating waves to help your skin to fully abosrb the solution quickly. Your face is later calm down with cold treatment gel and is spread with our Meso Cold Handle. We then put on the Acne cold mask and you can relax with the background music.

Aesthetic treatment is also available : IPL or Chemical Peel Acne Treatment program .

Call 6225-8180 now for your acne consultation or enquiry.

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