Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Most Popular Treatment - IPL Hair Removal

Don't be embarrassed of your unsightly hair and/or dark pigmentation around it.  IPL can safely remove those unwanted hairs, lighten the dark pigmentation around the areas.    Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.
  • upper lips,
  • armpits,
  • upper arms - front or back (excl elbow)
  • lower arms - front or back (excl elbow, hands & fingers)
  • bikini lines
  • brazilian
  • upper thighs - front or back (excl knee caps)
  • lower legs - front or back (excl knee caps & toes)
How many sessions do I need?   It all depends on your hormones in your body, some can see results in 6 to 7 sessions, others may take more than 10 sessions. 

Call 6225-8180 now for your IPL consultation or enquiry.

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